15 July 2013
Comments: 2
Author: Anthony Garland
15 July 2013, Comments: 2

The all new kickstarter ‘Plug’ project by Forgetbox is easily one of the most ambitious ideas we have heard of in a long time. The Plug appears to be a USB NAS adapter which creates your own personal ‘cloud’ storage – just one that is stored locally on your own USB drive at home or office.

However, the included software – Windows, Mac, iOS & Android compatible – forces all your devices to save files onto your Plug instead of onto their own internal storage. In other words, Plug essentially replaces your storage on all your devices instead of adding a dedicated virtual drive – just like what DropBox or any cloud storage solution does.

As all your files are stored on an external drive remotely at home or office, there’s no more sync’ing or copying for your movies, pictures or documents. The problem with this is that the connection hosting Plug is critical since if that fails, all your files become inaccessible. Your data is also being stored in non-redundant format so you may want to combine Plug with a backup solution for added protection. When you run out of space, simply add a USB hub and daisy chain up to 8 USB drives to expand the cloud storage.

To begin, all you need do is connecting your own USB drive to USB 2.0 port on one end of Plug and on the other, plug in your Ethernet cable. (There’s no word whether or not the Plug supports Power over Ethernet. If so, it would make Plug more convenient.) Next, install the free apps on to all your devices, and you instantly have your own personal ‘cloud’ up and running with automatic synchronization abilities. Plug appears supporting file history as well. Early birds making a pledge on Kickstarter will get a discount of $90 as retail units will go for $159.

  • RelayerM31

    Dude, nice idea.
    Next idea for you. Hire a smokin’ hot model to pitch your product.

  • Guest

    This seems like an interesting idea. Backupthat did something like it, but with free email accounts. Does this mean I have to have a ton of USB devices? Do I need to play operator or something to keep the whole cloud straight? How does it work?