Gaming Headset Reviews

18 September 2012
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Plantronics’ Dolby Headset has Great Gaming Compatibility

18 September 2012, Comments: 13

Headset Design The GameCom 780 marks an incredible about-face from other Plantronics’ wired headsets. While the previous GameCom 777 had the heft and inflexible bulk […]

16 July 2012
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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Review

16 July 2012, Comments: 21

Headset Design Before I dive straight into the negative aspects of this headset and why it fails to live up to my expectations, it’s […]

7 December 2011
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Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review

7 December 2011, Comments: 29

Headset Design Glancing at the spec sheets for the Vengeance 1500 and the HS1 that came before it last year, you’d be hard-pressed to […]

5 April 2011
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Thermaltake Shock One Headset Review

5 April 2011, Comments: 0

Headset Design & Ergonomics After unboxing headset, it immediately struck me as being very similar to designs of the G35 from Logitech for having large square […]

1 October 2010
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Logitech G930 Wireless Review

1 October 2010, Comments: 4

Headset Design Design-wise, Logitech has kept to the same core concepts of the G35 headset and worked at correcting some of its deficiencies. As […]

21 May 2010
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Creative Sound Blaster Arena Headset Review

21 May 2010, Comments: 1

Headset Design & Ergonomics Visually speaking, the first impressions offered by Sound Blaster Arena are much like those famous words spoken by Hollywood’s police […]

29 July 2009
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Razer Megalodon Review

29 July 2009, Comments: 5

Lightweight Design After getting over my giddy anxiety from opening a felt-lined box that smells like a new pair of sneakers, the first thing […]

20 May 2009
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Logitech G35 Review

20 May 2009, Comments: 0

Headset Design & Ergonomics Developed by Irish firm Design Partners, the G35 takes a two-pronged approach to aesthetics that leaves a lasting impression. On one […]

29 September 2008
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Creative HS-1000 Fatal1ty Review

29 September 2008, Comments: 0

Headset Design Closer inspection of the Creative Fatal1ty HS-1000 reveals that more than just a wire separates from the HS-1200 wireless headset. The headband […]

19 August 2008
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Creative HS-1200 X-Fi Review

19 August 2008, Comments: 0

Headset Ergonomics Every wireless device requires two things: a base station for transmitting and receiving signals from the wireless portion of the device and […]