Hfield Wi-Fire USB Booster Gives 1000 ft. Wi-Fi Range

3 February 2008
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Author: Ian Chiu
3 February 2008, Comments: 0

Anyone who has tried to work on the road has probably been in a situation where you just didn’t quite have enough WiFi signal for a good connection. To tackle this problem and to serve this niche market, hField Technologies introduced Wi-Fire, which essentially a range extending USB network adapter that allows you to pick up much stronger WiFi signals than your internal wireless card can. The device is small enough to make traveling with it easy.

hField claims that the Wi-Fire booster can increase your wireless 802.11b/g range up to 1000 feet. The device does this by using a powerful internal directional antenna; a high sensitivity receiver; and proprietary software. If the device works as advertised, it could mean much improved web connections on the road. Wi-fire supports both Mac and Windows computers and is available now for $79. Amped has a similar USB network adapter that boosts to 600mW amplified power and ups to 802.11n but you will need two USB ports to unleash the full potential.