USB 2.0 Flash Drive Reviews

5 September 2011
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Zero Basic Mini Cooper Drive Review

5 September 2011, Comments: 3

Fine Details The level of detail on each of the Zero Basic miniature Mini’s is impressive. Front and rear license plates that read “MINI […]

11 May 2010
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Corsair Flash Voyager GTR Review

11 May 2010, Comments: 1

Initial Thoughts on Design Ah, the joys of rubber flash drives. Originally released in 2005, the Flash Voyager was widely hailed by ourselves and […]

27 March 2010
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Corsair Flash Padlock 2 Review

27 March 2010, Comments: 0

Initial Thoughts The Padlock 2 takes a big leap forward from its boxy predecessor, combining the funky PIN keypad with the, err… funky styling […]

6 July 2009
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SanDisk Ultra Backup Review

6 July 2009, Comments: 0

Retractable Plug Design After being subjected to criticism over the Cruzer Contour’s bulky design, SanDisk has opted to revert back to a slim form […]

13 October 2008
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Corsair Flash Voyager mini Review

13 October 2008, Comments: 1

Form Factor & Usability As another year passes in the NAND flash industry it becomes harder to find truly innovative products that perform admirably […]