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26 September 2013
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Sony ZX1 Repositions Walkman to Appeal to True Audiophiles

26 September 2013, Comments: 8

Sony’s Walkman line has seen more than its share of ups and downs; however, of all the models released their new NW-ZX1 may help […]

3 April 2013
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Acoustic Research’s ARM1: Pricey But (Nearly) Perfect DAP

3 April 2013, Comments: 0

What is certainly going to grab audiophiles attention is Acoustic Research’s latest digital audio player. The all new ARM1 not only boasts a Burr-brown DAC (PCM1794) […]

8 November 2012
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Compatibility Story Between Windows RT and USB Gadgets

8 November 2012, Comments: 2

Early adopters who picked up a Surface are all too eager to know what kind of USB devices would work on their Windows RT-powered […]

14 September 2012
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New iPod touch Got Better Treatment from Apple

14 September 2012, Comments: 5

The new iteration of iPod touch is undoubtedly the most significant upgrade since the debut of the Apple’s media player in 2007. Perhaps Apple […]

25 June 2012
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Why USB Junkies Will Love MS Surface Pro?

25 June 2012, Comments: 3

MS Surface Pro is perhaps the first tablet that offers universal compatibility for USB peripherals. Being a true Windows 8 device, the Surface Pro […]

2 February 2012
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Cowon Z2 Plenue Android PMP – Audiophiles Rejoice!

2 February 2012, Comments: 5

PMP is the lifeblood of Cowon and there isn’t a year without the release of a new player from the Korean company. Stepping into […]

6 January 2010
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Philips Activa Fitness, Your Digital Workout Partner

6 January 2010, Comments: 0

Philips wants you to get off your couch and more Activa. The Activa Fitness MP3 Player is one a small breed of smart MP3 […]