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4 April 2014
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Captain America’s Famed Shield is Now USB 3.0 and OTG Friendly

4 April 2014, Comments: 0

Marvel (and Disney) absolutely love merchandizing, and it comes as no surprise that with their latest instalment of release of Captain America, a veritable […]

15 November 2013
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Thor has His Very Own Mjolnir-shaped USB Battery Pack

15 November 2013, Comments: 0

With another superhero movie hitting theaters comes another wave of movie tie-in merchandise. Where the latest movie revolves around the continuing adventures of beefy […]

11 September 2013
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Iron Man is Now the Face of a Serious Gaming Mouse

11 September 2013, Comments: 0

Now that Blu-Ray version of Iron Man 3 has hit retail shelves, it appears that e-Blue is once again trying to ride the wave […]

31 May 2013
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Iron Man 3 Headset is One Cool Fusion of Marketing & Fashion

31 May 2013, Comments: 0

In an never ending desire to monetize every possible avenue of the Iron Man franchise comes word of a pair of headphones which actually makes sense. […]

24 April 2013
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Is This Really the Iron Man Mouse?

24 April 2013, Comments: 0

With Iron Man 3 soon to be in theatres, it comes as little surprise that a new round of movie tie-ins would also be […]

31 March 2013
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Marvel-ous New Iron Man 3 Flash Drives

31 March 2013, Comments: 2

The upcoming Iron Man 3 release scheduled for May this year brings us fun new items from Infothink. A trio of movie-inspired flash drives are […]

6 December 2012
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Official Dark Knight Flash Drive for Hardcore Fans

6 December 2012, Comments: 0

Infothink – the same company that brought us the Avengers and Transformers thumbdrives - just revealed its Batman USB key to coincide with the recent release of the Dark […]

8 May 2012
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Avengers Flash Drives Assembled

8 May 2012, Comments: 5

We’ve seen most of them individually from Infothink before but never together. Banding together (to tie in with the recent movie release) are flash […]

1 June 2011
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Iron Man 2 “Helmet” Flash Drives Totally Rock

1 June 2011, Comments: 3

While we always considered Tony Stark and his Iron Man the fascist wanker of the Super Hero comic world, there is no denying the movie […]

19 May 2011
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Green Lantern Joins the Mimobot Flash Drive Series

19 May 2011, Comments: 0

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a hardcore, dyed in the wool Star Wars fan. In fact, there are plenty of sub-groups of fans […]

19 April 2011
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Monstoes’ Marvel Drives: Bootleg Chic Meets Comic Geek!

19 April 2011, Comments: 0

It seems that every time you turn around, another comic book hero or even comic “universe” is being turned into a novelty flash drive. […]

8 January 2011
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Batman and Friends Bring More DC Flash to Mimobot Series

8 January 2011, Comments: 0

More of DC’s Vintage Batman universe arrives to back up The Batman in his fight against stationary data and the Joker. We finally have details on […]

13 August 2008
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Build Your Very Own USB Batman Spotlight

13 August 2008, Comments: 0

Today we’re back with another installment of things geeks can build when they have nothing else to do. With the bazillion dollars the Dark […]