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30 April 2014
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Thanko USB Self-stirring Coffee Tumbler Saves on Washing up Teaspoons

30 April 2014, Comments: 0

Do you work in an environment that frowns upon having cutlery at your workspace? Yeah us neither; however many tens of thousands of salarymen […]

27 January 2014
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Thanko’s USB Pollen Mask Seems Like Overkill

27 January 2014, Comments: 0

If you suffer badly from pollen or similar airborne allergies every spring and fall, or simply suffer from Mysophobia, those wacky creators over at […]

6 December 2013
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Thanko USB Helmet Gives Nice Head Massage in a Cubicle

6 December 2013, Comments: 0

While it may look like a helmet from the movie TRON, the latest crazy gadget from Thanko is, in fact, a USB-powered head massager. […]

21 May 2013
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Thanko’s USB Neck Cooler is a Heatsink for Your Neck

21 May 2013, Comments: 0

In Thanko’s on going commitment to keeping you cool and comfortable in the summertime heat comes their latest USB powered gadget: the USB Neck […]

3 March 2013
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Thanko’s USB Air Purifier Sucks (But in a Good Way)

3 March 2013, Comments: 0

As the name suggests, the Thanko USB UV Air Purifier plugs directly into any free USB powered port on your computer to clean the […]

11 December 2012
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Thanko Water-misting USB Hairbrush Tames Unruly Hair

11 December 2012, Comments: 1

Thanko is certainly getting desperate for new products to plug into the ubiquitous USB port; unfortunately, the gadgeteers from Far East still hasn’t run […]

15 June 2012
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Thanko Finally Comes up with USB Foot Cooler

15 June 2012, Comments: 0

Summer is here and Thanko as usual has introduced yet another new member to its arsenal of USB coolers. Here, we are looking at […]

24 May 2012
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Thanko USB Vacuum Mouse (Literally) Sucks

24 May 2012, Comments: 0

We all have seen USB vacuum cleaners and we have seen many uniquely designed mice, but we can honestly say that we have never […]

10 May 2012
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Thanko’s USB Butt Cooler Cushion Revamped

10 May 2012, Comments: 1

From those crazy makers of classic kitsch – Thanko – comes a new and improved USB powered seat cushion with built in fan that […]

3 May 2012
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Thanko Necktie Clip USB Cooler

3 May 2012, Comments: 0

Leave it to the Japanese to figure out a way to turn an archaic – yet required – fashion attire accessory like the necktie […]

3 November 2011
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You Won’t Roll Your Eyes at this USB Eye Warmer from Thanko

3 November 2011, Comments: 1

With this latest release Thanko may officially have a heater for everything. If you’ve got a body part that’s cold, they’ve got a wacky […]

7 October 2009
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USB Soldering Iron from Thanko May Actually Work, Sorta

7 October 2009, Comments: 0

If there is absolutely no need for a device to be USB powered or enabled, you can almost guarantee that Thanko will have it […]

15 February 2009
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Thanko USB Heating Slippers Cut the Cord

15 February 2009, Comments: 0

We’ve seen more than our fair share of USB heated devices for eyes and even breast this winter, but this is the first 2.0 […]

15 January 2009
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This USB Contraption is definitely a Bust. Waka Waka…

15 January 2009, Comments: 0

Well, it seems that someone buried deep in a lab somewhere, someone that had never actually seen a woman on this side of a […]

25 November 2008
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USB Lunch Bag Keeps your Bento Box Warm

25 November 2008, Comments: 0

It’s a tradition white collars in Japan bring their own home-packed meal (aka. bento) to work instead of eating out. But when there are […]