19 October 2010, Comments: 2

 October 2010         Ian Chiu

USB ports are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough. This is why we previously saw 10-port, 12-port and even 16-port USB hub. When you consider selling a bunch of USB ports can also make big bucks, it’s only a matter of time before USB hub hits 20 ports or even more. And the time is now.

This 24-port USB Monster Hub, dubbed by ThinkGeek, has a circular shape to give every USB port enough room for even those fat dongles. Yet the hub only occupies 12 inches of your desktop estate. There’s a 12-port version sharing the same design, but this one here manages to stack one port on top of another. This is pretty crazy if you ask us. Two more USB ports on located on top of the hub to allow easy access for swapping devices like flash drives. We are pretty sure USB toy addicts will easily fill all the available ports, but the rest of us may find this grommet hub to be more practical and less geeky.

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2 responses on “24-port USB Hub is Just Insane

  1. Anuj Kumar Tripathi says:

    does all the usb drives connected work at a same time? or we have to plug one out to use the other?

    • Dr. Squatch says:

      I know this is old but a single usb port on your computer can support up to 127 devices daisy-chained simultaneously. So yes, you could even chain 5 of these into a single computer port and use every port on the hubs at the same time.