10 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Acer C120 Pico-projector, Now Powered by USB 3.0

 April 2012         Ian Chiu

With the release of Acer C120, it’s good to know that USB 3.0 has finally expanded to pico-projector category. Having USB 3.0 onboard is a pretty big deal since the C120 can now operate with just a single cable rather than two and the boost in power supply allows brightness to be increased from a mere 50 lumens (C110) to 75. That’s nothing to write home about but that’s still a 50% improvement over its predecessor. And with AC adapter, you get up to 100 lumens. Additionally, USB 3.0 provides ample of bandwidth should you want to throw up full screen video.

The Acer C120 is touted as a mobile projector aimed squarely at business sector. Since this palm-sized pico-projector is only 1″ x 4.7″ x 3.2″ in size and only weighs only 6.34 oz., this is as road warrior-friendly as it gets. Except for USB 3.0, the new C120 isn’t really all that different than the C110 which has been shipping since mid-2011.

Both LED projectors have a lamp life of 20,000 hours and their resolutions are rather limited, at 854×480 (native) but they can up-convert to 1280×800 (interpolated). The C120 has a projection range from 15″ to 12 ft. Incidentally, Acer has an optional patented 25″ foldable screen that purportedly enhances brightness by 200%. That’s something to check out in case you want the $230 Acer C120 isn’t throwing up a bright enough image.

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