Are you attracted by the idea of selling products on Amazon as a full time business? For many, being your own boss and earning a living working from home sounds a far better prospect than the 9 to 5 daily grind of a regular job. Many people try it, but unfortunately, and to their great disappointment, they make few sales and give up, not realizing they’ve wasted a great opportunity simply through lack of patience, but more importantly, through lack of knowledge. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn how to do it properly.

Be Organised

The secret to selling successfully on Amazon is good organisation. Countless sellers make a success of selling on Amazon because they approach it in the right way. They’re well organised and committed to being successful. So follow their example and treat your selling venture as a professional business. On Amazon UK, you can sign up as a ‘Basic Seller’ or ‘Pro Seller’. Pro sellers get much better deals from Amazon regarding what and how they can sell, but they have to pay a monthly fee of £25 for the privilege. Start as a basic seller if you think you will sell fewer than 35 items per month at first. There’s no monthly fee but you pay 75 pence per sale. However, you should aim to upgrade to ‘pro-seller’ when it becomes feasible. You can upgrade at any time.

Research your Products

Decide what products (e.g. gadgets, flash drives) you want to sell and search Amazon listings for the same product. Look at the prices your intended products sell for and use that information to price your products competitively. It may be that you can’t compete with the prices already being asked by other sellers. In that case you need to find a cheaper source for your products or if that’s not possible, find different products to sell. Also pay close attention to experienced sellers’ sales to know how well certain products will perform.

Advance Expenses

As it’s a business you’re running, there will be expenses, so make sure you prepare for them. You need to buy the stock you’re going to sell, or if it’s something you produce yourself, the necessary materials. Calculate all costs involved. That includes not only obvious things like products or materials, but everything, including Amazon fees, post and packaging, Internet access and padded envelopes.

Aim for Excellent Feedback

Buyers love to see good feedback as it sets their mind at rest when making online purchases, so bend over backwards to please the few customers that you do get at first. You will receive excellent feedback, which will impress and reassure future potential buyers checking out your listings.

Keep in mind that Amazon wants you to succeed for the simple reason that your success contributes to their success. That’s why they provide such a generous amount of learning material and special offers. Take advantage of them and stay focused, organised and committed to getting your Amazon business off the ground.