6 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Amped 802.11n 600mW USB Adapter Boasts Insane Range

 May 2011         Anthony Garland

The all new Amped UA600EX High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro USB Adapter certainly is an intriguing device. In a nut shell, this device can (up to) quadruple your wireless range. This is thanks to the fact that it basically is a 600mW powered external antenna added on to your typical 802.11n USB adapter, coupled with a heavy duty 26.5 ft. USB cable. Amped states it has upwards of -95DBm sensitivity, but to be honest this is probably peak sensitivity. Whether or not it can give you up to 4x the range of your laptop’s built in wireless range, one thing is certain, it will give you more range than you would get with an unpowered antenna!

Even better still is this device can give otherwise a/b/g only laptop’s wireless Ethernet n capabilities. This certainly will come in handy for anyone who has an older system and wants to get in on the “n train”. Sadly, while it will give you 802.11n abilities, it is a 2.4GHz only device which does not support MIMO capabilities. This means that the chances of getting all that extra range is going to be very, very “terrain dependant”. Though, where it is a weatherproof device, we can envision it being perfect for people who fish and want to keep up to stay plugged in regardless of where they are! With a price of $99, this is not exactly a cheap upgrade, and unless you need a 802.11n USB adapter, you may be better served simply getting a more mundane powered adapter for your system than going this route.

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