4 March 2009, Comments: 1

 March 2009         Ian Chiu

Art Lebedev Studios is trying its hand, or paintbrush if you will, at redesigning another peripheral: The Prism USB hub. After giving birth to the drool-inducing Optimus Maximus LCD keyboard line and more recently a new slicker looking stop light design, we’re getting a taste of this new offering. While it’s still only a rendering so far the Prism (a.k.a. Spectrus) design is neat but far from the earth shattering redesigns that we’ve come to expect from the leader in retro-futurism.

Looking like it was peeled off of the bumpers of every car parked in front of an Apple store, the Prism has 7 multi-colored USB ports in a rainbow pattern giving it a very “festive” look. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Unfortunately that’s all there is to this hub, no mildly generous donation to any worthy causes or human rights support. It’s just a rainbow colored hub.

While we’re still waiting on the release of the LCD keyboard that has been in the works for more than 2 years, some of their less complex items are available now. That hub might be a bit more attractive if it was package with a handful of their folder shaped flash drives or at the very least it BETTER come with some colored USB cables. No word on release date but if it moves at the speed of the Maximus then don’t hold your breath.

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