14 April 2010, Comments: 2

 April 2010         Ian Chiu

BlackMagic is proving that there’s a market for USB 3.0 beyond mass storage. Its Intensity Shuttle marks the first non-storage USB 3.0 peripheral. The semi-pro video capture box has the capability to grab 10-bit HD video from HDMI 1.3 sources without any quality compromise. Bandwidth provided by SuperSpeed USB allows direct 1080p recording by going beyond AVCHD and HDV as the format of the source is no longer relevant. This is all because the Intensity bypasses the camcorder’s compression chip. As editing software can’t playback to camcorders for monitoring, the Intensity Shuttle becomes quite useful for monitoring edits with real-time effects.

The $199 Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 video capture puts all the inputs on one side and outputs on the other. You’ll find also find component video as well as S-video and composite. Perhaps the most appealing feature to prosumers is the USB 3.0 video capture’s ability to record up to 8 surround sound channels over HDMI and to upscale standard def. video to either 720p or 1080p in real-time. BlackMagic mentions X58 several times in the product page, suggesting that there might be a bandwidth issue with some other first gen. USB 3.0 host computers.

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