17 April 2008, Comments: 0

 April 2008         Ian Chiu

Finally component video recording through USB is becoming affordable with Blackmagic’s new USB Video Recorder. The company traditionally makes mid-end post video production equipment so the $129 Video Recorder won’t come at a surprise. What is unique to the Blackmagic is the component input, obviously, and the onboard H.264 real-time encoder. S-video & composite are still available but no one will miss those anyway.

Couple with the slick simple software that lets you select pick targeted devices; automate black line cropping; and configure recording options, converting your VHS, Video-8 or other analog video (eg. XBox 1, PS2) should now be now relatively easier. That is if you’ve a Mac and don’t need to convert anything 720p or 1080i. To overcome both, give the Hauppauge HD PVR a try instead.

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