Starting your own business can be a challenging and nerve-racking endeavor.  One of the most important jobs you have to tackle is making yourself or your product known to future clients and customers as well as to potential business partners.  This includes setting up an optimized and informative website and printing catchy business cards to hand out to people.  Instead of resorting to traditional paper cards, how about opting for a USB device which carries all your important information inside and out?  It’s practical, innovative, fairly cheap to produce and environmentally-friendly.

Say it better with a USB card

Any good business card should not only include such valuable information as your company’s name, address and contact details, but also reflect the nature of your line of work.  If you run a tech- or data-oriented business, a modern card in the form of a USB device is a clever choice for you.  It allows you to stand out from your competitors and be more likely remembered by others.  Another advantage lies in its ability to store additional and more extensive information about your business on the memory itself.  It is also much less likely for such a “business card” to be tossed away like a meaningless scrap of paper and therefore supports waste reduction efforts.

Business cards that can be folded into a USB device are modern gadgets that keep your advertising budget at bay.  At first glance they look like regular business cards, but contain an embedded flash drive.  Folded out, they can be plugged into a laptop or computer and automatically open your company’s website or any destination of your choice.  They are light and slim and fit into any regular wallet.

Stay on the radar with clever giveaways

Flash drives not only make interesting cards for new business owners, but also memorable giveaways for long-existing clients.  We all know that in order to stay on peoples’ radar, it is vital to remind them once in a while of your existence.  If, for instance, you are the owner of an online store and want to reintroduce yourself to your customers, giving out USB drives with the name and the URL of your shop can help you get back on the map.  When you register a domain for your website, just like you would at 1&1, for example, you should therefore always make sure to pick a web address that is easily remembered and recognized and doesn’t take up much surface space.

Each time your clients or customers use the USB device for storage, they will instantly recall your business back into their minds, especially if the device is unique.  Whereas many standard and rather boring giveaways, such as lanyards or pens, end up as mere dust-catchers, data storage is needed by everyone.  In our day and age, in which digital memory has become rather cheap, customized USB drives make useful giveaways that can help you advertise your business in a modern and creative way.