29 August 2011, Comments: 1

 August 2011         Paul McCollum

While a lot of phone makers are trying to find that sweet spot between small portable size and large screen, the tablet craze is showing us that we might want more than one device. Keeping them charged, connected to the internet, sync’d with PIMs or shuttling data between home, work and laptop is a mess that requires endless cables and time. This is one of the factors driving the “cloud” movement. The Cell Drive may just be able to cure some of that headache with its tiny form factor and multiple functions.

The Cell Drive is a bit larger that a normal flash drive but packs flash memory and 3 other functions. When plugged into a USB port not only does it offer 4 or 8 GB of memory, it charges an internal battery. The other end has a mini-USB connector that can act as a back up battery for your cell phone or any other USB charging device. With adapters, you can charge iPhones and micro-USB devices as well. If you are needing to sync your devices to iTunes or another service that is computer dependent, you can actually use the Cell Drive as a normal USB cable connecting both phone and computer together. Retailing at $50 for 4GB or $60 for 8GB, it’s definitely cheaper than the sum of the components it replaces and can save a ton of space and tangle. It seems to be available for order right now via their website .

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