10 March 2011, Comments: 0

 March 2011         Anthony Garland

While the Corsair Vengeance 1500 and Logitech G35 gaming headset are very decent at creating a “virtual” surround sound field; one thing is for sure nothing beats the real thing. Since most people can not afford the cost let alone the real-estate that 5.1 speakers demand, this has created a very lucrative potential market; a market that Cooler Master intends to capitalize on with their latest device, the Storm Sirus USB gaming headset.

The Cooler Master Storm Sirus may not seem all that different from your typical USB headset but if you peel off the padding and take a look under the hood (so to speak), you will instantly notice a big difference. Instead of one massive 40mm or 50mm drive the Storm Sirus uses three 30mm drivers and a one large 40mm driver per ear cup.  The 40mm is dedicated as a subwoofer and the layout of the three 30mm driver should make for a pretty realistic surround sound field where you will be able to instantly know where an enemy is in relation to you.

Better yet, if the game (or movie) default sound is not to your liking, the included dial will allow you to tweak the levels of each of the drivers allowing you to highlight the back, mid or front speaker (or reel back in overly forward profiles). On paper, the Sirus really does sound like one potent gaming gear. Expect the Storm Sirius headset to land in May.

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