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 September 2011         Anthony Garland

Creative has released another line of gaming headsets and their new Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless really stands out from the crowd. The usual, high performing, internal sound card that has powered the last few versions worked on either PC and Mac or on one of the current generation of gaming consoles: Xbox 360 or PS3. This latest version can run on any of them. No longer do you have to buy different headsets to be able to have the same high fidelity audio on each gaming platform. Now you only need one.

At roughly $335 for the headset, getting one per device might be cheaper. While the price is steep, Creative boasts some new features to take the sting out of the price tag. Besides the noise cancellation and THX TruStudio Surround sound, the Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega wireless headset was designed with voice comms in mind. Whether you use the in game speech system or 3rd party systems like Ventrilo, your voice is equalized and balanced to keep talking from ruining your listening.

The Recon3D also packs a new “Scout Mode” to enhance sound and help you stalk your prey even if they are far away. This might actually make using these headphones kinda like cheating. So watch out for PunkBuster ruling against this feature but in the meantime rack up kills like there was no tomorrow. The Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless is already posted on Creative’s site but only “Coming Soon”. They don’t tend to keep their fans waiting for long so it should be available for order any day now.

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    This isn’t a review. Doesn’t say anything about the actual product, and just vomits up corporate marketing. Worthless.