18 January 2010, Comments: 0

 January 2010         Paul McCollum

More addictive than crack cocaine, World of Warcraft is played by millions. Creative has a new high fidelity wireless headset to help you really enhance your adventuring. The Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset is designed to give you a super realistic and dynamic sound field completely untethered by wires. THX TruStudio PC sound technologies – also found on recently announced X-Fi HD USB sound card – can create an amazing depth of sound with virtual speakers all around you. VoiceFX allows you to alter your voice as you voice chat with others in game or with separate services like Ventrilo. The mic can be detached and stored if you don’t need it.

The large and comfy ear cups have two interchangeable panels that show your love for either the Alliance or Horde as well as playback controls for iTunes or Media player. While marketed towards WoW players the glowing panels aren’t obnoxious and should be pleasing for players of other games or non-gamers alike. The color of the glow can be programmed to any color you like (an astounding 16 million colors available).

The headset is fed audio from the USB wireless transmitter, which relies on 2.4Ghz frequency yet it isn’t Bluetooth. Creative also includes the mini-USB cable that recharges the headset; a 4-hour charge gives you about enough juice for 9 hours of play. Price and release date are unknown at this point, given the features anything less than $100 would be a steal.

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