15 August 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Dr. Marten Inspires “Bootable” Flash Drive

 August 2010         Paul McCollum

Finally a flash drive worthy of my Dead Milkmen and Skinny Puppy MP3 collection. This flash drive (yes, probably boot-able) was produced by Dr. Marten’s to mark their 50th anniversary. Bobbies and punks alike will gladly sell their soles to acquire one of these limited edition flash drives. They managed to shoehorn in 2GB of flash memory into the size µ leather boot. The shape may make it a little ungainly and hard to insert and remove but this seems appropriate for any boots we’ve ever owned.

The drive is available from their website for $25 but will probably be a limited run. This odd move on their 50th marks an eye on the future for the famously non-marking shoe. The rest of their offerings are not surprisingly low-tech. We doubt you’ll be seeing a Dr. Martens laptop any time soon but they could make one heck of an iPhone case. Package the case with the entire discography of the Ramones and you’ve got a real modern winner. Hey, we can dream can’t we? Happy birthday Dr. Marten’s, here’s to another 50 years making some seriously cool shoes.

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