Distribution models are constantly changing, and wholesale distributors often find themselves struggling to keep up with shifts in processes. While everyone has their own system for dealing with the finer points of day-to-day operations, the future of wholesale distribution can be found in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. With an ERP in place, you can finally leave your outdated legacy system behind, and now’s the time to do it.

The benefits of ERP software for wholesale distributors are undeniable—here are just a few that make the transition more than worthwhile.

Whole-Picture Visibility

One of the most important things for distribution companies to focus on is the ability to see the entire picture. This means seeing inbound and outbound product flows as clearly as possible, allowing you a complete view of your supply chain and giving you a better look at how different teams within your organization are actually functioning. Due to a number of different factors—including outdated legacy systems—getting a clear view of the distribution process is often considered easier said than done.

An automated distribution management system such as distribution ERP software can be exactly what you need in order to solve the problem, and the information you stand to glean from having a better vantage point will be invaluable to the success of your business.

Enhanced Productivity

At the very core of why a business integrates any new software suite into the fold tends to be a need to increase productivity and streamline processes. This is one of the major benefits of ERP software, which can play a key role in boosting productivity across your organization. For example, many of your staff members may find themselves spinning their wheels trying to keep up with tracking inventory manually, which can be both time-consuming and prone to human error. Distribution ERP software frees up your employees so that they can focus on what they were hired to do, thus enhancing productivity across the board.

Better Management of Reports / Invoices

Between customer invoices, inventory reports and everything in-between, wholesale distributors need an effective system for keeping their analyses in order. This becomes especially important as a company scales up, in which case lacking effective reporting tools can cause a great deal of problems to occur. Wholesale distribution ERP software keeps all of this information properly organized and in a central location, thus putting to rest any concerns over whether your employees are keeping track of things properly. You can even use ERP software to create customized quotes, purchase orders and invoices—a feature wholesale distributors are likely to use on the daily.

Cloud-based Mobility

The days in which distribution software was only accessible from centralized computers at the facility are over. Today, ERP software utilizes data that lives deep in the cloud, which means it’s not only more secure than localized data, but also that it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and a mobile device. Cloud-based mobility allows your employees to access and update databases at any time, regardless of where they happen to be physically. It’s a huge benefit of ERP integration that sometimes goes overlooked, even though it tends to be one of the most-used functions of ERP software.

Finding success in wholesale distribution isn’t always easy, but ERP software can certainly help. If you’re still using the same old legacy system for inventory and invoice management, you’re bound to be eclipsed by the competition. So make the switch to ERP software today—your business depends on it.