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 May 2013         Anthony Garland

Very recently we brought you word of the fact that Ajay V. Bhatt and his team had been nominated for this year’s European Inventor Award for their groundbreaking work on creating the Universal Serial Bus. Today, we bring you even more good news. In Amsterdam at this year’s awards ceremony, Ajay V. Bhatt and co. won 2013’s European Inventor Award in the Non-European Countries category.

Yes the European Patent Office have finally recognized USB’s invaluable help for making the Personal Computing the industry we know and love today. Or as Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office said at the awards ceremony “Ajaj V. Bhatt helped greatly simplify the way we interact with computers today. To get all the different devices to understand each other is example of technological progress that is really benefitting our life by making it easier. It helps us making the most of out digital technology and enjoying its advantages”.

As with all paradigm shifting advancements, USB was born out of sheer frustration and a willingness to not take it anymore. As the story goes, after spending an inordinate amount of time getting a simple printer to connect and work with his wife’s computer Mr. Bhatt vowed to do something about the sorry state of the PC industry. Thankfully, his bosses at Intel agreed with his assessment and gave the go ahead to actually change the way devices talk to one another on one system. The rest they say is history and 4+ billion USB devices sold to date is proof that he was indeed on to something. On behalf of everyone at Everything USB, we wish to say “Congratulations” and give Ajay V. Bhatt (team leader), Bala Cadambi , Jeff Morriss , Shelagh Callahan, and Shaun Knoll a hearty “Thank You. ” for making technology a lot easier to work with.

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