If you’re a casino fanatic or the kind of person who can recite every line from The Hangover word for word, then you’ll want a USB flash drive which reflects this.  Luckily you can pick up a USB flash drive with just about every single theme imaginable these days, with flash drives continuing to be a popular form of official merchandise as well as a quirky accessory.  If you love gambling and want your storage devices to match this, then look no further.  Here are the top three types of gambling-themed USB flash drive.

Casino Paraphernalia Flash Drives

These are probably the most popular types of gambling-themed USB flash drives. They most frequently come in the form of classic gambling paraphernalia such as poker chips or in the shape of an ace of spades. These can often be found in casino gift shops or at various online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

They’re probably some of the most stylish flash drive options available and are ideal for someone who is aiming to look like the coolest dude in the office. Poker chip flash drives can be found in a variety of sizes, while the larger ones typically benefit from enhanced storage space. They fit nicely into your wallet and make for a stylish accessory.

More importantly, these types of flash drives have an added security bonus, as they very rarely look like flash drives at first glance, according to information on www.makeuseof.com. A flash drive with the appearance of a poker chip or a deck of cards is very unlikely to attract the attention of hackers of thieves, as they could just think that it is a useless trinket.

That’s why these drives are a great choice for someone who is conscious of their data security or is handling sensitive information on a flash drive. Poker chip flash drives are also available in a big variety of colours and styles, meaning that you’ll never be short on choice.

You can also make your own poker chip flash drive from a standard, hollowed-out poker chip, if you’re feeling particularly creative.

Casino Branded Flash Drives

If you want to show your allegiance to your favourite casino, then a branded casino flash drive is the way to go. There are a staggering amount of online casinos and the biggest and best sell their own branded merchandise including storage devices. Obviously these are original pieces designed for casinos player so if you want to learn some more about online casinos you can visit toponlinecasinos.co.uk

Land-based casinos also sell a range of stylish flash drives bearing the logos and slogans of their venue. Whether you’ve had a vacation in Las Vegas that you never want to forget or just want to represent your favourite online casino, perhaps because you’ve just won a major slot or blackjack jackpot with them, then branded flash drives are right for you.

Some of the classic land-based casinos like the Tropicana in Las Vegas or the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco also provide a beautiful range of vintage merchandise featuring old photographs and engravings of the casino’s early days, which are ideal for the casino fan who is also a major history buff.

Alternatively, you could also get yourself a flash drive based on your favourite casino movie. Maybe you’ve seen The Hangover so many times that you want a flash drive with Alan’s likeness on it, or you want to channel your inner James Bond with a Casino Royale themed storage device.

A number of official merchandise vendors provide flash drives based on casino movies, as seen on www.merchandiseplaza.co.uk, but there are also plenty of independent online retailers who make their own merchandise for movie mega fans. A movie-branded flash drive can also prove to be a great office talking point if you’re the kind of person who cares about the social benefits of a flash drive.

Good Luck Charm Flash Drives

The main reason we play casino games, both online and in the physical world, is to win. That’s why the ultimate gambling fan might prefer a flash drive which doubles up as a good luck charm. There are a huge number of USB flash drives modelled on classic good look charms.

You can pick up lucky horseshoe USB flash drives, or “rabbit’s foot” flash drives, or arguably the most popular of all, the four leaf clover flash drive, which is available on zazzle.com. We all need a bit of luck in life, both inside and outside of the casino, so a lucky charm flash drive might also be right for you if you’re gunning for a big promotion at work or hoping to start the romance of your dreams.

If you are playing online casino games, having a lucky clover literally plugged into your computer might prove to be the boost that you need to strike it lucky on the slot machines or get yourself a winning hand at Texas Hold ‘Em.

If you know of any gambling themed USB flash drives that you want to share, comment below to let us know.