30 July 2008, Comments: Comments Off on Haunted USB Cable Will Piss Off the IT Guy

 July 2008         Ian Chiu

We know many people who like pranks and gags to play on their friends and coworkers. With the importance of computers today many people choose to play their pranks in some sort of digital form to make the computer user think something is wrong with their system. If you are the digital prankster type your latest prank is here and it’s called the Haunted USB cable.

The cable itself is a dead ringer for that Hacked Flash drive we talked about a few weeks back. Rather than cramming some flash storage in the cable, the Haunted USB Cable adds software that that simulates a problem with the user’s keyboard. The software adds random keystrokes at intervals between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. If the user looks at the back of the computer to see that everything is plugged in correctly, they will see nothing but a USB cable with a frayed end. We will say this, if you use this gag in your office the only person you are rally going to be pranking is the IT guy.If you really want to scare a coworker, just start using the body mouse.

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