14 January 2010, Comments: 0

 January 2010         Ian Chiu

Well there’s finally another over the top flashy gaming peripheral that you can obtain to add to your hardcore gaming rig, a neon USB Cable. The Desk FX illuminated cable from ION Audio will be distributed in all shades of the rainbow. So, even if you’ve already got a hot glowing red or icy blue system, you’ll be able to find a set of cables that matches your setup. While more likely a flashy add on for looks, lighted cables can come in very handy. Manipulating cables at night can be a nightmare, not only easy to see these cables would be very easy to tell apart if they are different colors. These cords would make manipulating mini-USB phone charger cables in the dark.

There’s no detail on price or if all the flavors of USB will be available. Mini, micro and alt flavors hopefully will be represented but just in case maybe you should start stocking up on converters. Expect to see them in a few months at online retailers or select stores.

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