21 April 2008, Comments: Comments Off on ION VCR 2 PC – VHS Ripping Made Easy

 April 2008         Ian Chiu

ION Audio has made a name for itself with vinyl and cassette owners alike as it is behind the USB turntable and USB cassette archiver. So, it doesn’t take long for anyone to figure out that the company has also set its eyes on the VHS digitalization market. ION Audio VCR 2 PC may look like an ordinary VCR at first sight, but soon you will notice a USB 2.0 interface that allows you to hook it up to a PC. In essence, it’s pretty much a VHS equipped with a USB video capture. A composite connection is adjacent to the USB for camcorders, and RCA output is on the back to playback previews on a TV. SCART output is available in the PAL version.

The included Muvee AutoProducer 6.0 does all hard work of converting your VHS stacks into digital format whether it be H.264 for iPod/PSP or MPEG-2 for DVD authoring. There’s no info whether or not the $249 ION VCR 2 PC will defeat the Macovision VHS copy protection, but it is unlikely that it can.

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