11 January 2011, Comments: 1

 January 2011         Ian Chiu

The all new J5Create Wormhole Station certainly is an interesting product, as it combines most of the functionality of a KVM switch with the power and flexibility only a USB 3.0 hub can provide. Heck, it even adds a 3-port card reader (SD/MMC, mini SD and Memory stick cards) in for icing! Now to be honest, the J5Create Wormhole Station is not a true “Keyboard / Video / Mouse” switch. In your typical KVM, you can use one mouse, one monitor and one keyboard to control numerous systems but each of these systems are separate and do not interact.

The J5Create Wormhole Station however cannot do the “video” aspect of your typical KVM; rather it can control a keyboard and mouse across two systems. Helping make for this minor loss is unlike a KVM, you can use the USB 3.0 bus of the Wormhole Station to quickly transfer files from one system to another so the loss of video abilities is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

To use this svelte tub looking device all you need do is plug in one of the systems (looking at the styling this most likely will be a laptop) to one system and then simply plug in a second USB 3.0 cable to the other system. Presto-changeo and you can then start controlling the second system using only the one mouse! This does sound perfect for anyone who not only uses two PCs a lot during the day but wants to quickly and easily swap large chunks of data between the two systems. The J5Create Wormhole Station certainly is not going to be for everyone, but it looks like for people who fall within its narrow market niche may just out and out love this odd little duck! No word on pricing or availability.

  • The title of this article is misleading, J5Create doesn’t offer a 5Gbps wormhole interface, it’s only USB2.0. I don’t get why they have a USB3.0 dock, but didn’t put Gigabit Ethernet instead of 100Mbps.