Making a mark in a field where competition is typical can be quite intimidating. But there’s nothing to worry because you’ve got a competent choice when it comes to Microsoft. And if you’re uncertain what career to chase, it’s best to start your journey with a famed Microsoft validation for beginners, the ever-valuable Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals.

To know more about the reasons why you need to get this credential, continue reading and you’ll uncover the amazing whys and wherefores of this specific Microsoft validation.

Comprehend Cloud Concepts

First and foremost, this particular Microsoft certification opens up your knowledge about cloud concepts. This is very important when you take on the public cloud computing platform. Some of the vital information you will learn about cloud services include its benefits and considerations related to high availability, agility, scalability, and such. Differences between certain services and cloud models are expounded too. Here, you will put into comparison top cloud service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. These subjects are chief requirements when you decide to take other Microsoft Azure certifications in the future.

Identify Essential Azure Services

Understanding all core Azure services surely is challenging, but not with this role-based certification. This Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential gives you the chance to understand the imperative Azure services, from architectural components and products to solutions and management tools. It will elaborate in detail Azure architectural components such as regions, resource groups, availability zones, and Azure resource manager. Moreover, you will be able to describe core products for Azure compute, networking, storage, and database. In-depth topics about Azure tools and Azure Advisor are also part of the things you will mug up once you get certified. And when you learn these features by heart, then it would be easier for you to show your competence when applying on the professional sector.

Ascertain security, confidentiality, compliance, and trust

The security aspect is one of the key reasons why this Microsoft credential is beneficial to your career. This means that studying for this certification gives you a far-reaching comprehension of Azure. It will expose you to principal Azure identity services, security tools, and even governance methodologies. As a result, you will learn how to secure network connectivity with ease as well as apply data protection principles in Azure. Plus, it will be a way for you to ascertain Azure Monitor and Azure Service Health, together with its cases and benefits. All these are important because Azure is a notable element in most businesses, hence the value of understanding security, data protection, and compliance.

Recognize Azure pricing and upkeep

If you want to expand your knowledge about Azure pricing and support, then it’s fitting for you to take this certification. Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals discusses Azure subscriptions – its uses and options. Knowing this topic beforehand makes it easier to comprehend all associated financial Azure subjects like cost management and service level agreement. For Azure costs, this revolves around planning, supervision, and upkeep. Also through this credential, you will gain a deeper understanding of all other Azure products and services and its service lifecycle. The service growth in Azure relates to a series of features such as public, private, and preview. GA or General Availability is another noteworthy topic discussed in this famed Microsoft certification. And of course, it helps you discern support options like creating a support ticket, knowing available support channels, and outline the Knowledge Center.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Just in case you do not know, all these main reasons why you should get your Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals are also the key skills you’ll acquire when you pass this credential. So, if you think these skills are something you want to develop over time, then you should be ready to take its certification exam AZ-900.

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Certifications, particularly Microsoft credentials, are useful key elements to fortify your IT career. And if you’re drawn to Azure, then Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals is the best way to start your profession with a bang. Prove your efficiency in cloud concepts and security, services and pricing, and all fundamental Azure topics with this all-important Microsoft certification – and ExamSnap.