8 November 2010, Comments: Comments Off on iPhone Doubles as Trackpad on this Omnio WOWKeys Keyboard

 November 2010         Paul McCollum

The WOWKey keyboard aims to integrate all the fun features of your iPhone with your PC life. While not looking like anything more than a simple iPhone dock, the WOWKeys actually merge the multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone with the PC. In beautiful mirror symmetry, you can also use the keyboard to type on your iPhone. With the flip of a switch on the WOWKeys, you can go from entering in quarterly earnings numbers into Excel, to making plans with your BFF Jill. Slide the switch back and you can use the iPhone, via a few choice App Store app, as a multi-touch touchpad. Those of you who can’t seem to put down your iPhone will be keenly enabled in your growing iAddiction.

Your iPhone is sync’d and charged from within its comfortable slot in the WOWKeys. Located around the keyboard are 15 function keys made specifically for interacting with the iPhone. Only slightly more exciting is the option for app designers to craft new applications that further integrate your coveted phone with your PC. The WOWKeys keyboard should hit gray-market e-tailers soon for around $105 plus shipping from Korea. No word if it will be available by Christmas yet.

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