8 November 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Swarovski Competition Generates Beautiful e-ink Accoutrement

 November 2010         Paul McCollum

While one must almost certainly admit, one of the most primary functions of new technology is to show it off to your friends and coworkers, there’s usually an actual function behind its one-ups-manship. Swarovski’s annual design competition has elicited another wonderful adaptation of technology into eye candy. The Tempus concept wristwatch by Pekka Salokannel aims to be a fully programmable bracelet made of flexible, color e-ink type material. The bracelet would function primarily as a timepiece but its color e-ink display could be programmed to do just about anything. Habitual updates received from the internet to re-skin the wristwatch match tonight’s outfit or mood.

The watch model bears a few physical crystals to complement the virtual background. As the technology to make said display doesn’t currently exist in production, it’s doubtful it will make it into Swarovski’s line up in the near future. You can also be sure that in order to wear one of these on your left arm it will likely cost you your right.

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