30 March 2009, Comments: Comments Off on ECG LED Watch Gets your Style Off of Life Support

 March 2009         Ian Chiu

While there are a few pulse-meter watches out there most of the require an annoying chest strap to actually function. A lot of people buy them to help them with workouts, to achieve maximum cardio-efficiency, we however just want the cool display. Enter Rakuten’s ECG LED Watch. The over sized watch features an LED blip display reminiscent of a hospital’s ECG monitor. The peaks and valley actually graphically display the current time. The peaks map the hours and and the valleys mark the minutes.

Making for a dramatic and alarming first impression as it pulses the time it looks as if you have to have your health constantly monitored. This may not be something that you want to come across to whomever you are meeting. Barring immediate distress about your current physical condition the watch is quite the eye catching timepiece available in two colors, black and silver. The black model features red LEDs and the silver model sports green ones. To top it all off it seems that you can recharge the display battery via a USB connector just to make sure your lights keep on shining. Lest it fade during a meeting and the wrong person see it and start in with unwanted mouth-to-mouth. This mixed signal timepiece can be bought from Rakuten for approximately $257 dollars, no details on whether they will ship abroad are available.

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