15 June 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Razer Banshee Crowns StarCraft 2 Gaming Headset

 June 2010         Paul McCollum

To celebrate the arrival of StarCraft 2 – likely the most anticipated RTS sequel in history, Razer has brought forth a trio game-inspired peripherals to enhance this epic game. This classic game still has fans and players 12 years after its original release. With names like Razer, Spectre, Banshee and Marauder you might think it’s a dodge-ball team on “The Ocho” but they are references to feared and beloved characters in the StarCraft universe. The Razer Banshee headset crowns the set with Blizzard’s star’s emblem across it. Carrying the StarCraft logo shouldn’t distract you from Razer’s great track record in this arena.

The Banshee gaming headset is much more comfortable sounding than the name suggests, having large comfortable ear cups. The large ear cups block out all sound except game audio provided by its built in USB sound card. Though, Razer didn’t mention anything about virtual surround sound capability found on Razer Megalodon. Banshee also includes a software equalizer for fine tuning the sound to you taste. The headset additionally incorporates the APM lighting system which can be programmed to interact with events in the game. The StarCraft 2 logo is emblazoned on the ears lights up as you play faster or when specific in game events occur. The Banshee headset will cost $120 when it’s released.

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