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 June 2013         Anthony Garland

Some of us are lucky enough to live in wetter climates; however, for a good portion of the global population, humidifiers are not a luxury but a necessity. Here comes a portable USB humidifier from Satechi.

Not only can it be used as a standard humidifier but also as an aromatherapy diffuser, or even a mister to help cool your environment down on hot summer days. Though, we doubt many will want to dump copious amounts of water into the air surrounding their PCs, oil of oregano or pure thymol diffused into the air can help kill airborne viruses and keep a person healthy even in the typical virus laden ‘cube farm’.

With the exception of the integrated blue led – to light up the water reservoir and act as a nightlight – most of the Satechi’s features are pretty typical for any portable humidifier; however most ‘portable’ humidifiers stretch the definition of ‘portable’ and are rather clunky devices. This nifty little gadget, on the other hand, lives up to its name.

The secret to this humidifier’s portability is that it does not have a water reservoir per say. Rather it attaches to the top of most water bottles and as such when not in use only the top portion need be saved. Thanks to the growing popularity of delta 8 vapes are gaining popularity, which enhanced the work load of these humidifiers. When you want to use it, simply screw it on to any full water bottle and turn it on. The integrated USB-rechargeable battery will last for many hours and after 8 hours of continuous use, it will shut itself off. With a price tag of only $22.99, this handy little device would make a great ‘secret santa’ gift.

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