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 May 2012         Ian Chiu

PC users using laptops exclusively usually have a plethora of USB peripherals, from speakers to hubs and coolers. While all these accessories are indispensable to notebook owners, they can take a lot of room on a cluttered desktop. It would certainly be interesting if someone combines all these into one. Several already exist, namely the Logitech N700. However, nothing comes close to the integration this Sharper Image workstation provides.

This 20 lb. computer desk, primarily made of steel, is host to a pair of stereo speakers underneath the desk; a large USB cooling fan; and a 3-port USB hub along with audio inputs on its left side panel. Nothing is said about the speaker output nor fan speed. All these can be powered by a two USB 2.0 cables, yet it appears you’ll need to plug in power in order to use the hub for charging phones and tablets. The desktop area measures at about 30 by 16 inches so there’s space left for you to put a secondary monitor or a notepad next to your notebook. Sharper Image also makes moving the desk by adding double-wheel non-marking casters. This is yours for $99.99 if USB workstation makes you drool.

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    Where can I get one?

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