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 June 2011         Anthony Garland

With the introduction of the all new Diablo III headset, SteelSeries once again proves they are a gaming oriented company. While on the surface, the all new Diablo-themed headset appears to be nothing more than a pair of SteelSeires Siberia V2 with a fancy new look, the reality is there is actually some merit to it. The intended market niche of this headset is LAN party goers and your gear is an expression of your personality. After all, when you are gaming you don’t have time for chit-chat; but by the same token you want to be noticed and make a statement.

With their aggressive styling and integrated 18 demon red LEDs (which can be turned off), the SteelSeries Diablo III USB headset certainly adds an air of “coolness” to your looks. Their integrated microphone arm is also retractable making them easy to transport to and from your events. There’s however no mention of any surround sound capability, but the 50mm drivers will deliver very good sound fidelity and the closed earcup design will help reduce ambient noise levels. All things you want in a headset for LAN events. Though, the braided cord all by itself makes them much improved over the Siberia V2s. Expect this new headset to land later this year with a MSRP of $119.99 at the same time when Diablo III – the game – ships.

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  1. Is it possible to use an adopter USB to minijack for use of MP3 players, etc?
    Such as this one: