Pop culture-themed flash drives are common merchandise these days, because who wouldn’t want useful items that also pay tribute to their favorite movies or TV shows?  Of course, as with any other pop culture-related merchandise, the release of these novelty flash drives usually coincide with the launch of the show or movie they’re based on.  For instance, we’ve the low down on the Marvel-themed flash drive line-up, which debuted with the release of Avengers: Infinity War.  The items were based on either popular Marvel characters or iconic objects in the franchise, like the Infinity Gauntlet.

Most themed flash drives are officially licensed merchandise.  However, there are some crafty people who have managed to create their own pop culture thumb drives.  Take a look at how Geeklightful transformed her ordinary 16GB PNY flash drive into Stranger Things-themed merch.

For this project, Geeklightful focused on Eggo Waffles, which is an iconic brand in the popular ’80s-themed Netflix series.  In the show, the character Eleven, who is supposed to be a tough girl with psychokinetic abilities, could not seem to get enough of Eggo Waffles.  Geeklightful released the tutorial a month after the launch of the series.  Using DIY polymer clay, this lady crafted her Eggo Waffle drive with matching key chains.  To stay true to the show’s theme, the YouTuber also seemed to have edited the video in such a way that it gives off ’80s vibes.

Stranger Things is a science fiction thriller that focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a boy in a small town in the ’80s.  The series is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, as it gained the praise of regular viewers and critics alike.  Many celebrities became obsessed with the show too, like Kristen Bell and Zac Efron.  Part of its charm can be attributed to its many ’80s references, plus its similarities to classic movies like The Goonies and E.T.  SymphonyAM revealed that over 8.2 million people watched the show in its first 16 days.  As expected, it was also one of the most talked about series on the Internet during that period.

Because of Stranger Things‘ massive success, Netflix announced a second season just a few months after the show’s premiere.  Fans were obviously thrilled with this, as they set the Internet ablaze with appreciation posts and of course, Stranger Things memes.  While its second season, which premiered last year, wasn’t as strong as the first in terms of critics’ ratings, the show satisfied its fan base enough to afford a third season.  It was only a month ago when Netflix released a video showing that Stranger Things 3 is now in production.

GeekLightful is just one of the show’s many fans who pay tribute in their own way.  Official Stranger Things merchandise are also available of course, but if you want to own a thumb drive that references Stranger Things, you can take inspiration from the video tutorial and create your own, especially if you’re particularly fond of the character Eleven.