15 March 2014, Comments: 1

 March 2014         Anthony Garland

Mad Catz certainly are no strangers to the gaming peripheral marketplace and over the past few years have made quite the reputation for themselves by releasing products which are both innovative and cost effective. While best known for their Cyborg mice, Mad Catz’s audio branch – Tritton – has been producing decent gaming headsets and the latest – the 720+ – appears to be continuing this tradition.

As the name may have implied, the Tritton 720+ offers gaming enthusiasts a virtual 7.1 surround soundstage via Dolby Headphone technology over a pair of large 50mm Neodymium drivers. There’s in fact a switch on the in-line remote that turns on the simulated surround effect. If there source is stereo, Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing will kick in to up-mix the content to surround sound channels. The lack of consistency for how well Dolby Headphone works in games is a cause for concern as there are so many different audio APIs powering modern games but you can expect the success rate of getting proper directional sound to be upwards of 80%.

In addition to PC compatibility, the Tritton 720+ comes with a 3.5mm breakaway cable that converts the USB headset into a headphone for your mobile devices. Though you lose any virtual surround effect. Last but not least is the detachable microphone, which not only boasts noise reduction features for clear voice commands but also a nifty feature Mad Catz call “Selective Voice Monitoring.” The latter allows you the ability to either hear your own voice as you speak or simply to remove it so you only hear what is going on around you in the game environment. You can also choose between red & white or white & black models. With an online price of about $130, this pair of cans better deliver what it promises.