17 October 2010, Comments: Comments Off on USB Skull Hub Begs for Creepy Mice for Desktop Monster Mash

 October 2010         Paul McCollum

Make everyday Halloween with a huge skull on your desk. What’s the only way to make it more ‘shocking’? Run a USB cord into it for 5V’s of USB Horror. Think geek has the perfect item for a Halloween party or just for those of us who love Zombies everyday, a USB Skull Hub. We’ve seen dark peripherals before but this one takes it to a new level of realism. The dark yellow resin that makes up this hub doesn’t look like your average medical cadaver white skull, this looks like an old and rotten skull you might see on Bones before they clean it.

The only thing this is missing is a layer of maggots for Hodgins to process. What’s not missing is your run of the mill 4 port USB hub for plugging in any creepy mice you have. If you need ideas on creepy things to plug into this USB 2.0 hub, we can help you here and here.

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