If you’re a gamer, you must know how frustrating latency issues can be. Or the feeling of not being able to access a certain game because of geographical restrictions. Not to mention the DDoS attacks, which can ruin your streak and make you lose the game.

Plenty of issues can ruin your gaming experience, but there’s something you can do to solve them. You can start using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

A VPN is a service that allows you to connect to any server in the world as if it were part of your local network. When you connect to a VPN, you send and receive data through your VPN provider’s server. This makes your IP appear as if it were from that server, rather than from your ISP.

This provides you with some excellent advantages. Here are the top benefits of a VPN that you’ll experience when gaming.

Preventing DDoS Attacks

It’s common for hackers to target a system using a DDoS attack. It’s also common for gamers to use these attacks to beat their opponents, by flooding their connection and forcing their system offline.

You can prevent this with a VPN. This service will hide your real IP address, and assign you a new one. It will encrypt your data before it leaves your device so no one will be able to target you.

Playing New Games Instantly

Launch dates for various games differ depending on the region. You may not be able to play a particular game until months after its initial release. Or it might be only days, but it can still be frustrating, and affect your overall performance later on.

With a VPN, you can play any game you want as soon as it’s released. You simply connect to a server in the area where a certain game is first rolled out, and hit “play.”

Accessing Geo-Restricted Games

Sometimes, a game developer makes their games available only in a particular set of countries. This means you may never get to play a specific game just because of where you live.

A VPN can successfully bypass geo-restrictions, enabling you to play any game you want, no matter where you are. Since it assigns you an IP address of one of its servers, it can make you appear as if you were on the other side of the planet.

Gaming While Traveling

What if you are able to play a certain game at home, but regional restrictions prevent you from playing it in another country?

What if you go on a trip, or move to another country? Should you stop playing your favorite game just because it’s banned there? Absolutely not! With a VPN, you won’t have to.

You can connect to any server in your home country, and play your game as if you were connected to a local server. Just be sure not to forget the roaming data charges when you’re abroad. A VPN won’t help you there.

Reducing Ping Times

Many gamers think that a VPN would slow down their connection since it would often connect them to a server across the world. There’s also the problem of high ping, which can be an issue even with fast download and upload speeds.

However, VPNs can actually improve internet connections. If you connect to a VPN server that’s close to your gaming server, you can reduce lag and ping times. You can say goodbye to latency problems, and enjoy any game without worrying about high ping.

Preventing Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is a quite common problem that a lot of people frequently face. It happens when an ISP decides to slow down the internet connection.

Internet service providers do this to ensure their network stays stable during periods of high traffic. However, many of them do it to make their customers upgrade their data package.

Needless to say, if your ISP throttles your bandwidth, your gaming experience would be far from ideal. Luckily, you can prevent this with a VPN. It will hide your entire online activity. This means that your ISP won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth.

Protecting Your Data

Hackers continuously target gamers to steal their sensitive data. They use their internet connection to secretly install malware on their devices, and steal or misuse their data.

This is especially common when gamers use public WiFi hotspots, which usually don’t encrypt internet connections.

With a VPN, you can secure your connection, even over public WiFi, and successfully protect your data. It will encrypt your internet traffic, and make it impossible for anyone to target you for any malicious purposes.

These benefits of using a VPN are certainly more than enough to make you consider getting one. It will greatly improve your gaming experience, and make you and all your data perfectly safe online. So, find a provider you can count on, and enter the world of safe and satisfying gaming.