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 July 2013         Anthony Garland

The Warpia StreamHD – now in its second revision – allows users to wirelessly transmit video content from their laptop or PC to their HDTV via Certified Wireless USB. Just like the Diamond VStream, the StreamHD consists of three components: a small USB dongle, a router-lookalike set-top box with both HDMI and VGA output, and custom software which allows the two components to work together to get the 1080p video as well as stereo audio from the PC to your projector or HDTV.

On the hardware side of the equation, the new revision B of the StreamHD has improved hardware which promises to be more capable than previous models – especially in the video compression department. The software also allows support for Windows 8 and even Mac. Hopefully, both of these hardware & software improvements will increase the rather less than impressive hi-def image quality which usually plagues WUSB video devices.

Though in all likelihood, WiDi and its reliance upon the wider bandwidth WiFi standards will still results in a better quality transmission. Short of getting yourself a new WiDi-equipped laptop, if you have a heavily congested WiFi network, WUSB video such as the StreamHD could be a good choice. That is, provided you can always have a 30 ft. line-of-sight in between StreamHD and your PC or Mac.

But before rushing out and buying the kit, ask yourself whether or not you really need a wireless secondary screen because for the $149.99 price tag, you could easily get yourself a standalone media player plus an external drive.

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