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 January 2012         Ian Chiu

For people who don’t want to dedicate their computers as an home theater PC, here’s a $199 solution that can effortlessly transform regular desktops or laptops into one. WarpiaTV creatively combines a wireless video adapter and a motion controller. The two work together with Kylo, a icon-based web browser developed primarily for HDTV market and you get yourself a full-featured media appliance giving you access to local HD media and a wide variety of web content whether it be FaceBook, YouTube or NetFlix.

The said adapter is, in a nutshell, a Certified Wireless USB streamer capable of streaming 1080p video over a maximum distance of 30 ft. to its HDMI receiver. In perspective, your rig or laptop likely needs to be in the same room as the TV. Products sharing the same technology have the same limitation in that the receiver and the Wireless USB dongle need to be within the line of sight for best performance. On the other hand, the Freespace motion controller is RF based.

Speaking of the handheld controller, it provides you with the ability to control the PC mouse and 7 functions including escape, mute and volume. There’s also a cursor lock which prevents the pointer from moving while handling the controller. In practice, you control the big pointer appearing on Kylo on the HDTV and everything you do is processed by a nearby PC. Unfortunately, Warpia overlooked and forgot about a keyboard; so typing could be a problem unless you shell out for a mini HTPC keyboard.

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