8 January 2014, Comments: 0

 January 2014         Anthony Garland

Have you ever wanted to work for the NSA or some other high security jobs where you needed to use a biometric iris scanner? Well, EyeLock can’t help you with that – though trust us it’s not as exciting as you would think – but EyeLock can show you how to secure your own systems as if they did contain classified information with their all new Myris biometric scanner.

In a nutshell, the Myris uses video of your irises as your password. Simply plug the Myris into a free USB port, run the included software, add what applications you want to use your irises as your password for, and then look directly into the integrated scanner. Unlike competitors that simply use a simple snapshot of your iris, the Myris uses real-time video to record images both of your iris and combines both to build a unique ID based on over 480 points. This dual iris approach makes it much hard to spoof and reduces false matches from the typical 1 in 1.5 million to well over one in two trillion.

Best of all, this virtually unbreakable password is easy to use as looking into a mirror and impossible for you to ‘forget’. Of course it won’t help you if the NSA comes knocking, but for most common criminals, this level of security is over-kill but still very reassuring. Expect the Myris to land later this year for at this time unknown sum. In the mean time, you can put yourself on the waiting list if you are interested.