Since 2002, Everything USB has been covering the in’s and out’s of the USB plug. Ever since this little plug started appearing on computers, things started to get really fun. Everyone appreciates not having to deal with bent pins, but there’s so much more to it than that.

USB’s universal acceptance has allowed personal computers (and by extension the Internet) to meld with nearly every aspect of our lives. We revel in the wonder of “What will they think of next?” as well as “Where can I get one of those?”. From gaming peripherals to offbeat gadgets to latest USB trends, we’re along for the ride as everything becomes computerized.

Everything USB is also here to answer the smartest question you can ask “Should I plop down my hard earned money for one of those?”. We’re a group of technology addicts who spend all of our time putting products through the paces, and lending years of experience to our thorough reviews to help you make the best decision on whether a product is right for you.

We are recognized by PC Magazine as one of the top undiscovered websites and top 100 favorite blogs as well as being interviewed by BBC, NY Times and HostingAdvice, among others.

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