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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FAQ

18 January 2013, Comments: 29

Dubbed SuperSpeed USB, USB 3.0 promises a major leap forward in transfer speeds and capability, while maintaining backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 devices. It […]

USB 3.0 Comparison

1 January 2013, Comments: 16

Vs. Thunderbolt Vs. USB 2.0 Vs. FireWire Vs. eSATA   Developed by Intel, the 10Gb/s bi-directional interface is technically PCI Express on a cable. […]

USB 3.0 Speed & Drive Benchmark

1 January 2013, Comments: 49

There are currently three speed modes defined by the latest USB 3.0 specification. They are SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed and Full-Speed. The new SuperSpeed mode has a transfer rate of 4.8Gbps. While […]

Wireless USB FAQ

1 May 2009, Comments: 11

Since its introduction, USB has become the de facto standard in the personal computing industry, with billions of devices in use around the world. […]

USB Flash Drive, ThumbDrive FAQ

18 February 2008, Comments: 22

A flash drive is a small external USB storage device that reads and writes to flash memory, a solid-state storage medium that’s both inexpensive […]

USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB FAQ

1 February 2007, Comments: 14

We try to cover in this USB 2.0 FAQ the basic aspects for those who are not too familiar with the serial bus technology. […]