22 January 2011, Comments: 0

 January 2011         Anthony Garland

While external hard drives, mobile optical drives and even enclosures are a dime a dozen the iodd 2501 Portable Virtual ROM is not just another external enclosure. The iodd 2501 Portable Virtual ROM is a 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure that emulates a CD/DVD drive! Yes, with this bad boy, there is no need to fire up Daemon Tools and mount a “virtual drive” as it does all the heavy lifting for you! This certainly will be great news for all you PC gamers who like to backup their disks to a drive and run the game via the hard drive for faster load times (as fast as ODDs are… hard drives are just simply faster) even if the draconian DRM makes you have the “disk” mounted all the time!

To use the iodd 2501 Portable Virtual ROM, all you need do is install your own 2.5″ hard drive into the enclosure, load the ISO files you want to use and then using the built in file section switch mount which every ISO you want. As far as your computer (and the DRM software) is concerned it’s a “CD/DVD/Blu-Ray” drive that has the proper files on it! This really is brilliant and with an asking price of about only $65 it is sure to make a great gift for any hard core gamer that refuses to use STEAM or software solutions like Daemon Tools! Let’s just hope the company has plans to release a USB 3.0 version.