10 April 2014, Comments: 0

 April 2014         Anthony Garland

KickStarter is a wonderful place where dreams can become reality. Just like any magical land, if you journey long enough you will see downright odd things come to life. Want to see a USB-based password tool/flash-drive/phone charger? It can be found here, and in fact, that is one of the latest inventions to spring forth from someone’s imagination.

As the name suggests, the LogMeOnce is first and foremost a password vault. While it relies on software-based encryption, we were told that each drive is embedded with unique ID token that handles secure activities between the drive and the software. The importance of this security token is to allow the software detecting any tampering with the hardware.

And from what we can see, a centralized ID management utility will enable the single sign-on as well as syncing the credentials with a cloud server. Since this requires a USB interface to run the custom password program, the creators decided to up the ante and include (up to) 16GB of secure space. Better still, the highest end model – LogMeOnce 5000 – also includes an Apple Lightning port so that it can be used to recharge modern iOS devices. Keep in mind that the built-in battery only has a capacity of 1000mAh so it’s only an emergency charger at best. You can pledge in a variety of levels, just like in any KickStarter project, but you will need to commit at least $135 for the full-fledged model which comes with power bank.