9 January 2014, Comments: 0

 January 2014         Anthony Garland

After the release of their groundbreaking RAT 7 gaming mouse back in 2010 Mad Catz has constantly been trying to recreate the magic and regain some lost ground. After four years of effort, their latest edition – the all new RAT Tournament Edition (TE) – may in fact be able to actually do this. As the name suggests, the RAT TE is meant for hardcore PC gamers and is based on extensive customer feedback. In other words, the TE is not just a rebranding and color change; rather Cyborg appears to have taken the time to change the underlying hardware and fix the RAT’s original problems.

The most notable change to the RAT TE is that instead of using the older Philips Twin-Eye sensor which sometimes developed ‘lift off’ tracking issues, Mad Catz has replaced it with the new Doppler-laser sensor. And in addition to increasing the sensitivity from 6400 to 8200 DPI, this new sensor also boasts adjustable lift-off height calibration as well as dynamic surface detection to further increase the sensors real world abilities. On the chassis side of the equation, the RAT TE also shaved much needed weight from the metal chassis, but has done so without reducing the customizability which made the original RAT series famous in the first place. Taken as a whole, the Tournament Edition is an entire new breed of rodent and may go a long way to undoing some of the damage to the RAT-series reputation.