14 December 2010
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Author: Anthony Garland
14 December 2010, Comments: 0

While everyone loves monster-sized laptops, the sad fact of the matter is those 17 inch (and bigger) are down right heavy! Worse still, is while nothing beats more screen real-east for working while you are on the road, the reality is that big and beautiful screen eats battery life like there is no tomorrow! Usually, the only option for the hardcore road warriors is to get by with a 12 or 13 inch screen equipped laptop and learn to live with the itty-bitty screen (and when available plug in a monitor).

What if there was a second option that combined the large screen ability of dragging along an actual monitor with the portability that makes a laptop so darn useful? This must have been the thinking behind Mobile Monitor Technologies’ Field Monitor Pro as it does just that. While this is far from the first screen USB monitor we have seen, this is easily one of the largest ones we have ever seen as it sports a massive 15.4-inch screen! Even better is the fact that the Displaylink-powered USB monitor can be setup to basically look like a second laptop monitor so both monitors will be the same eye level. As a bonus, the Field Monitor Pro comes with a built-in numpad so it’s one less thing to carry for on-site accountants. Weighing it at a reasonable 4 pounds and having the ability to fold flat (so it carries like a second laptop), this may be the answer the road warrior is looking for. While there is no word on exact release data (beyond “busy season 2011″) or price, we expect it to be pricey.