26 November 2012, Comments: 1

 November 2012         Ian Chiu

The puzzle-platform game Portal evidently has created a cult following since its debut in 2007 and hardcore fans have also shown a strong passion for the three-legged turrets which themselves have become a hot collectible item. If you are one of the enthusiasts who cannot afford the limited edition of the Aperture Sentry Turret miniature, it’s perhaps time to consider a USB miniatured version – exclusively from ThinkGeek.

The officially licensed turret is pretty close to the real thing with its motion detector; self-retractable gun pods; and signature sweet-childlike voice recordings from the games. As soon as someone approaches, the turret would open its wings to reveal its mini-guns and warn the target in one of the following phrases: Target acquired; There you are; I see you; Preparing to dispense product; or Activated . If the turret is knocked over, it would vibrate repeatedly and alert you with an audible notification such as one of these “Critical error”, “Shutting down”, “Malfunctioning”, “I don’t hate you” or “Hey, hey, hey”. For Star Wars fans, there’s also a Yoda version. Now see the turret in action in the video below.

  • Greatmax

    It’s a bit OTT but I like it!