19 March 2011, Comments: 0

 March 2011         Anthony Garland

When it comes to minimalist desktop setups, the fewer wires the better. There’s however one cable you cannot really get rid of, and that is the monitor cable. If Samsung with their upcoming SyncMaster C27A750 has their way, you will be able to even remove that cable for a complete wireless setup. The said SyncMaster is a 27″ 1920×1080, TN-based LED monitor which doesn’t quite impress professionals with its meager resolution, yet its wireless capability will draw some attention in the least.

Simply plug in the Ultrawideband-based USB dongle and your laptop will automatically connect to the monitor when in close proximity. The SyncMaster C27A750 will additionally establish Ethernet connection. This is all done via Certified Wireless USB – a 6-year old standard something most of us have probably forgotten. The base of the SyncMaster also houses two USB 3.0 ports as well as another two USB 2.0 jacks. Presumably, there’s another USB 3.0 female connection on the monitor to allow for wired connectivity for peripherals and video data. The integrated hub also charges your devices like smartphones so it is not a passive hub. Last but not least is a 3.5mm jack that is built into the monitor’s hub. You could say this is wireless audio. Besides its low resolution, the price tag at $499.99 is also less than appealing in times like these.